About us

Discovery Kitchen was set up by Georgina Jackson, an experienced educational cook who has worked in over 100 schools promoting good food and simple cooking. George has had a lifelong passion for cooking and has worked within the food industry for over ten years in varying capacities.

“I have always loved learning about food and feel that experimenting and enjoying food is an important part of maintaining a healthy balanced diet. I am frequently found in my own kitchen, trying out new recipes and experiencing new ingredients. Food is my absolute passion and I believe it is this passion that enables me to spread the word and promote cooking to children and adults alike. For me, it’s about encouraging people to try things and simply ‘have a go’, don’t worry if it doesn’t work out or you don’t like it, just try before you decide.”

Our Aims

  • Get people back into the kitchen
  • Make cooking an enjoyable experience
  • Always use easily obtainable ingredients
  • Use simple to follow recipes that are healthy and delicious